Book & Media Donations

Donations of Books and Media are postponed until further notice.

Please contact Karen Scott with the Friends of the Capitola Library at for more information about book donations.


Donation Info

Please visit a Friends store or book sale to see the quality of books and media sold. Books should be in good condition and worth at least $2.

Please know that it costs your Friends to transport damaged and outdated books. You can keep our expenses down by weeding out books that your Friends can’t sell.

Your Libraries do not accept these book donations:

  • VCR and audio tapes
  • Encyclopedias
  • Books that are battered or moldy or have marked-up text
  • Books with out-of-date information. These include almanacs, legal references, computer manuals, health information, scientific works, travel guides, current events commentary, business advice, and textbooks. (No more than 5 years old please!)
  • Books rejected by a book dealer
  • Books weeded out of professional libraries (especially business, medical, church, or therapist’s libraries)

If you have 1 bag or less to donate, you can take your book donation to your nearest library. 

If you have 3 bags or less, you may leave your donation in the lobby of the Downtown Santa Cruz Library (in the black cabinets to the left of the library entrance). 

If you have more than 3 bags, please contact the Friends at or (831) 427-7700 ext. 5790. We will make an appointment to receive your donation at the Downtown Santa Cruz Library.

Receipts for your tax deductible donations are available on-site.