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A Library to Benefit Your Community!

It’s a Library Chosen with Great Care …

A 10 person committee chose the option with space for more programs, collections and community rooms.

Read the one page summary of their recommendation to the City here.


Although much loved for over 50 years, this building can no longer keep up with community needs.


After 6 months of research, the Downtown Library Advisory Committee
UNANIMOUSLY recommends that the City of Santa Cruz approves:

Option B: a mixed-use building on Cedar, Lincoln and
Cathcart Streets for a state of the art library.

Option B provides:

  • A beautiful and vibrant asset to the community,
  • Ample space for current and new programs,
  • And a welcoming location to all age groups and demographics.


It’s everything you want in your library at the most fiscally responsible price:
See the costs of each option for your library here.



By a Committee Passionate for Libraries!

Each member was chosen for their history with libraries, or the Downtown Santa Cruz community, or both.

kids_booksRead more about each member here.

The individuals in your committee included:

  • Martha, a librarian for over 30 years,
  • Martín, a Library Director at three major libraries in the United States,
  • Rena, a mom who homeschools with the help of the downtown library,
  • Steve, a writer in the high tech industry, who was a buyer for one of the largest
    independent bookstores in the U.S., and
  • Linda, an arts professional who has been an avid patron of your library since 1968.

Read more about the Committee’s Public Meetings and Workflow here.



A Library Designed by You!

Surveys and interviews with the public and library staff determined the needs of the Downtown Branch.

Learn more about Noll & Tam here.

library_roomThe architects and your DLAC Committee conducted interviews and surveys with the Downtown Library Staff, Friends Members, and the general public.  Over 2,000 responses determined their decisions.

What do you want in your library?

  • Abundant space for fiction, non-fiction, local history, and genealogy collections,
  • Separate children & teen rooms,
  • QUIET spaces, and
  • Community Rooms for programs!

Read more about each of their results here.


woman_bottomRead the Committee’s Final Recommendation to the City of Santa Cruz here.





Our next bulletin will answer Frequently Asked Questions about Option B (Click Here).