The Cat in the Hat Visits Santa Cruz Libraries

Story Book program brings children the joy of Dr. Seuss

While Tales to Tails allows the children to read to a patient listener and companion, the Story Book program lets children hear a story from some of their favorite story book characters.

Kids show off their craft creation

Accompanied by a craft project, the Story Book program offers young children and their parents the opportunity to hear a completely new story, or maybe an old favorite, read to them in a way that is more like a performance, not just reading.

This last week, the Cat in the Hat was the premiere event at five of the Santa Cruz library branches. Andria Gordon, a former Bay View Elementary school teacher and avid Santa Cruz Public Library patron, donned the big white and red striped hat to read Cat in the Hat to groups of young children eager to listen.

Gordon as the Cat in the Hat

“[The Story book program] encourages children who are not quite in school yet to come with their parents and be exposed to different stories and be read to and learn a lot of those skills when they do go to school.”

As her first time volunteering with the Story Book program, Gordon sees this type of program as essential to helping young children get started on the path to higher levels of reading and education.

“[The children] were really happy,” Gordon said. “I love the Story Time program. This was something I’d never really seen before. The parents who bring their children to the story time seem to love books and already have a lot of those skills that are going to help them when they start going to school.”

Also volunteering for the Homework Help program, Gordon’s love for reading and teaching translated to her role as a volunteer with the library.

“My area of passion is to teach reading and to have children love reading because it gives you your ability to do whatever you want to if you can read,” Gordon said. “So that’s my little part.”

To support programs like this one, please visit the Santa Cruz Public Libraries website or the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries website at to make a donation today!

Children crowd around the Cat in the Hat


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