Volunteer_Book Donation Clerk

Your Friends need volunteers who love to organize and are social! You can help the Friends of the S.C. Library by becoming a Book Donation Clerk today.

Donation Clerks accept book donations from the public. You will work in small groups and in shifts of two hours. The position is one that involves greeting book donors, accepting their book donations, and doing on-the-spot sorting of books for the sales team.

Responsibilities include accepting donations that adhere to our guidelines, giving tax exemption forms to donors, and sorting as new donations come in. You can choose a weekly or biweekly schedule with the Friends.

This position is important! You allow your Friends to reduce waste, save space and open up a new avenue for engagement with the public.

If you enjoy socializing and working with books, this position is for you!

How to Apply:

To volunteer with Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, or for more information, contact us at (831) 427-7700, ext. 5790 or by e-mail at friends@fscpl.org