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Donors who have generously given $500 or more

Dennis Beck

Bruce and Diane Cotter

Robert J. Davidson

Denise Dondero

Charlene and Fred Ebey

Lisa Geetor

Janet Heien

Glenda Hill

Cindy Jackson

Stanley Lanning

Laura and Terry LaPorte

Jill and Denis Mitsch

Randy and Chris Nelson

Colleen Quigley & Stanley Lanning

Douglas Plante

Rowland and Pat Rebele

James Rollins


Donors who have generously given $500 or more


Applewood Fund

Cory Bennett

Mary and Steven Bignelli

Martin Birnbach

Craig Chatterton

Janet and Earl Cole

Bruce and Diane Cotter

Deluxe Foods of Aptos, Inc

Anna Durante

Charlene and Fred Ebey

Victoria Erickson

Martí­n and Virtudes Gómez

Anna Hall

Bill Haerle and Susan Bradshaw

Anna and Caitlin Hall

John and Cheryl Henriksen

Glenda Hill

Alan Hiromura and Candace Waage

Carolyn Hyatt

In Memory of Bettie J. Hurd

Philip Jing

Barbara Kaiser

Janna and Kurt Smith Lang

Tom Lehrer

Ian Mason

Lynn Marcus-Wyner and  Ian Hardcastle

Jim and Michele Mosher

Linda and Dave Murphy

New Leaf Community Markets

William and Elizabeth Nowicki

Janis O’Driscoll

Janis O’Driscoll in Honor of Friends and Volunteers

Anne Olson

Andrew and Alexis Ow

Michael Pettit in Memory of Tracey Dee Gifford

Kate and Ira Pohl

Susan Punches

Jeff and Sarah Reed

Marilyn Robertson

Gene Salamin

Santa Cruz Grocery Outlet

Schlegel Living Trust

Susan Struck in Honor of Virginia Henry

Helen Taylor and Matt Reimert

Michele and Howard Tsuchiya

Joanne Vail

Valley Women’s Club

Sean Wharton

Wild Roots

Corinne and Todd Wipke

David Wood in Memory of Mary Wood

Helene Woolsey


Donors with a monthly, recurring gift


Barbara Boone

Cory Bennett

Charles Bracher

Rossana Bruni

Julia Chiapella and Eric Zigman

Sandra Cohen

Bruce and Diane Cotter

Shan Crockett

Lisa Ellis

Rosamaria Kosaka

Cindy Margolin and Mike Bentzen

Geri McGillicuddy

Shirley Mooers

Sean Murray

Brigid Nicholson and Ron Gosswiller

Kathleen Olsen

Bruce Reiss

Jane Ryan

Sandy Sill and Peter Tyzack

Jeanne and Richard Smith

Maciek Smuga-Otto

Chelsey and Adam Souza

Godfredo Tejada

Victor Willis

Kendra Wolfe

Sarahjoy Zell


Lisa Adams

Miguel Auclair-Valdez

Laurie Bell

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Jane Blackman

The Bonifacio-Redula Family

Jeanne and Wayne Boss

David & Marion Brodkey

Emily Brodsky & W.H. Francis Nimmo

Carolyn Bryks

Vicki Burke

Diane Castro and Eva Montgomery

Brian Cayton

Ann Chapin

Julia Chiapella and Eric Zigman

Patricia Caminiti and Norman Jones

Diane Crawford

Earl & Sharon Crossland

Mary Crouser

Marijane Datson

Sherrie DeWitt

Heidi & Bruce Donald

Roxanne Dwyer

Susan Enelow

Judy Everett

Jack Farre

Sandra Farrell

Kelly Francis

Brian Frus

Judith Fried and Robert Scowcroft

Sheryl Gentry

Merry Gilmer and Richard Alter

Gabriela Giacchino

Brent and Luisa Haddad

Ethel Herring

Madeline Hinatowich-Dean

Richard Hix

Marilyn Hyde

Maxine Howard & Stephen Jacobs

Barbara and Stephen Jackel

Bonita John

Gertie Johnson

Paula and Dave Kuty

Cara Lamb

Bryan Largay

Sylvia Lee

Thomas and Sandra Lehmkuhl

Larry and Diane Levin

Marlena Luhr

Jim & Christina Martin

Geraldine Martin

Geri McGillicuddy

Bruce and Mary McPherson

Nicholas Meier & Elizabeth Good

Cathy Miller

Dyann Munro

Valerie Nelson

New Leaf Community Markets

Monica and Blake Pielage

Douglas Plante

Cecile Preble

Jennifer Price

Willa Dean Reynolds

Leana Richmond

Casey Robinson

Barbara Rogoff

Peter and Sandra Sanford

Judy Scarabello

Claire Schneeberger

Dorah Shuey/Rosen

Sandy Sill and Peter Tyzack

Marion Silverbear

Henry Smith

Jeanne and Richard Smith

David and Mary South

John Charles Staples

Lida and Michael Strong

Elaine Kihara & David Sweet

Mary Michael Teague

Susan Thomas

Doug Urbanus

Janey Vaughn

Christine Weir & Sally Arnold

Marc Winquist

Ron Wolf

Kendra Wolfe

Patricia Wynne

Bonnie Young & Mark Mathews



Karen Aaker

Rosemary Abell

Karen Ackland and Larry Korbus Giving Fund

Laura Albrecht

Debra Alexander and Alex Morgan

Denise Allen

Denise Allen in Honor of Deanna; teacher, mother, reader

Kate Anderton

Leslie and Richard Andrews

Humberto Arredondo

Rod Atchison

Yong Bai

Camillle Ball

Alan Barclay

Michael Barnes and Erin Wells

Tandy Beal and Jonathan Scoville

Mark Bernhard

Nora Bianchi

Leda Bishoff

Jane Blackman

Lylace Blake

Bob and Laurel Blaney

Judie Block in Honor of Lynette Clark

Christine Bloome

Barbara Boone

Debbie Boscoe

Jeanne and Wayne Boss

Elisa Breton and Matt Nathanson

Nora Brink

Bert Brooke

Katherine Brooks

Doug and Leslie Brown

Martin and Voula Brown

Natascha Bruckner

David Brundage

Rossana Bruni

Richard and Kathleen Buddington

George and Elizabeth Bunch

Anne Bunting

Vicki Burke

Rob and Colleen Butterfield

Susan Cabrera

Peter and Meg Campbell

Nancy Campeau

Jennifer Carless

Alison K. Carrillo

Diane Castro and Eva Montgomery

Cathy Cavanaugh

Brian Cayton

Jeanne Chaikin

Cedric Chan and Belinda Au

Carolyn Christian

Mike and May Clark

Lin Colavin Giving Account

Becky Cole and Howard Malcolm

Sharon Cooper

Constance Corbett

Julie Cox in Honor of Patricia Wynne

Diane Crawford

Mary Crouser

Kathryn Crowe

Nicolette Czarrunchick

Rebecca Davis and Jacques Ferare

Sonia De La Rosa

Nancy Degnan

Candace Dekkert

John and Lisa Detke

Daryl Dichek and Kenneth Smith

Joe and Carolyn Dickinson

Bruce and Heidi Donald

Pamela Downing

Julie Dresdner

Yolanda Dybdahl

Charlene and Fred Ebey

Cathleen and Terry Eckhardt

Julie Olsen Edwards

Susan Enelow

Sandra Farrell

Rebecca Davis and Jacques Ferare

Carolyn Folmar

The Dixie and Anne Friscia Fund in Memory of Dixie Banks

Brian T Frus

Maureen and James Fullerton

Ofelia Garcia

Jennifer Ura Gavin

David Gelphman and Leslie Johnson

Nancy Gere

Elizabeth Gilbert

Merry Gilmer and Richard Alter

Alison Gold

Andria Gordon

Margaret Gorman

Nancy Gerdt and Glenn Lyons

Geraldine Jeri Green

Mary Lou Green

Karen Groppi

Anne Guerrero

Gamilla Gutman

John Hamstra and Laurie Rivin

Don and Meg Harlor

Mr. and Mrs. William Harmon, Jr.

Wade and Glenda Hastings

Karen Hellgren-Allen

Barbara and William Hendricks

Marla Henry

Ethel Herring

Jenneen Hill

Kirsten Hill

Madeline Hnatowich-Dean

Patricia Hnatowich-Dean

Karen Holl and Michael Loik

Kathleen and Matthew Hur

Don Lane and Mary Howe

Barbara and Stephen Jackel

Shirley and Marty Jackson

Rose Jacobs

Barbara Jirsa

Gertie Johnson

Miles Johnson

Dennis and Marilyn Kanemura

Fred Keeley

Susan and John Kent

Robert and Michele Kibrick

Audrey Kim

Sharon Kinoshita

Sue Kirkpatrick

Ray Kiuchi

Alisa Klaus

Marie Knapp

Nancy Knudegard

Alice Kollman

Rosamaria Kosaka

Linda Koval

Megan Kueny

Karen Kurokawa

Toby and Julie Kraft

Judith Krieger

Alexis Krostue

Karen Kurokawa

Paula and Dave Kuty

Todd and Betty La Porte

Robert Lamonica

Bob and Susie Land

Marian Langdon

Terri Lankford

Elizabeth Large in Memory of Marilyn Ginsberg

Lesley Lathrop

Sandra and John Laue

Laura’s Giving Fund

Speed and Connie Leas

Sylvia Lee

Mary Ann Leer

Thomas and Sandra Lehmkuhl

Janet and Jimmy Leon

Sharon Leonard

Steve Leonard

Gail Levine

Jennifer and Rolf Lingens

Jenna and Scott Lokey

Dr. Kathleen Loughlin

Judy Low

Ken and Nancy Macy

Jennifer and James Maguire

In Memory of Summer Reading Fun ~ Marji and Ben

Geraldine Martin

Jim and Christina Martin

Ken Martin

Lilian Masters

Christine Mathieu

Sharon Maxwell

Sharon and Don Maxwell In Memory of Jim Borkowski

Craig McCroskey

Geri McGillicuddy

Rachel McKay

Michael and Michele McKee

Joan McLeod-Mertz

Trent McNair

Nancy McNulty

Bruce and Mary McPherson

Mary Michael McTeague

Nicholas Meier

Nancy Merritt

Teall and Cynthia Messer

Kathryn E. Metz

The Ethan and Lisa Miller Family Fund

Lesli Min

Susan Miner

Carol Moldt

Don & Carol Monkerud

Nana Montgomery-Bracht

Tom and Carole Moroney

David and Elizabeth Mosher in Honor of Jim and Michele Mosher

Ellen Murphy in Honor of the Dickson Family

Sean Murray in Honor of Capitola Library Staff

Patricia and Bob Namba

Nancy Neal

Valerie Nelson

Kathy and Bill Normandin

Maureen O’Connell in Memory of Timothy O’Connell

Dennis O’Donnell

Janis O’Driscoll in Honor of Martín Gómez’s Birthday

Kathleen and Ken O`Hearn Horwege

Sandra O’Leary

Penny O’Reilly

Kari Olsen

Julie Olsen Edwards in Honor of Ofelia Garcia

Kathleen Olsen

Judith Orasanu-Engel

Earleen Overend

Harold Paiva

Vanda Pandhumsoporn

Charles Perrone and Regina Rheda

Caprice Potter

Diane Prucher

Nancy Purvis

Janet Reed

Lester Reichek

George and Mary Reynolds

Barbara Rhodes

Sandra Rice

Alice Rink

Jillian Ritter

Robinson Family Trust

Jim Rolens

James Rollins

Eleanor Rosenast

Doris and John Russell

Jane Ryan

Robin Salsburg

Michael and Delora Sampson in Honor of Shirley Ginzburg

Peter and Sandra Sanford

Rebecca Sawyer in Honor of Alice Bénet and Jon Kersey

Judith Scarabello

Martha Seaver and Scott Walecka Jeanna and Wayne Shada

Joyce Shimizu

Jamie and Shane Shook

Cumba Siegler

Gary Silberstein and Joan DeNeffe in Memory of Milton Meyer

Marion Silverbear

Jeanne and Richard Smith

Marcia and Fred Smith

Kate Snow in Memory of Walter Paul Tischer

Dolores Speidel

Carol and Steve Shapiro

Vivian and Michael St. Shepard

John Staples

Evelyn Stein

Annette Steiner

Julie Stiller

Michael Stobbe

Gem Stone-Logan

Siegfried Storz

Lida and Michael Strong

Desiree Stuart-Alexander

Eileen ​​Sunzeri

Peter Szydlowski

Jane Takano

Barbara Thomas

Susan Thomas

Lisa and Gordon Thygeson

Fred and Jan Tomlinson

Tami Tracey

Billie Trawle

Jacqueline and Michael Tuttle

Doug Urbanus

Lee and Mary Vaage

Melisa and Dean Walker

Candace Walker

Elizabeth Watson

Ronald and Linda Weaver

Danielle and Brian Wheatley

Moana Whipple

Lucas and Sadie Willey

Steve Willeke

Liz and John Wesolowski

Kathy Woodrell in Honor of Gayle Ortiz

Emily Wughalter

Thomas Wynn and Beth Lilienthal

Darrell and Sue Yeaney

Frank Zwart and Julia Armstrong-Zwart


The Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries was founded by volunteers and volunteers are still the clockwork that keeps our gears turning. Our Board of Directors, Committee Members, Chapter Officers, and Chapter members, are all volunteers. Our bookstores have always been run by volunteers, and volunteers have contributed a wide variety of expertise and knowledge, care and hours to make our organization run smoothly. Volunteers devote thousands of hours a year to help the Friends support the Libraries. COVID changed things for the Friends, and shut down many of our bookstore operations, except those at the Capitola Mall. As we look forward to advancing into a new, post-COVID era, we will continue to want assistance in many areas, both locally at the chapter level, and countywide, for the Friends as a whole. Please indicate your special skills and interests, as well as your availability.

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    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Friends to support your local libraries!


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